[\a mi.ni.ma\]

A “Low Tech” website with less technological environment impacts.

This website purpose

This website is the result of several challenges. First, trying to design a web publishing medium with low environmental impacts, as much as possible, by drastically reducing, even completely eliminating, the conventions, processes and habits shared everywhere on the Internet, nowadays. So we will’nt find here no link to « social networks » which, by their gigantic infrastructure, contribute greatly to the depletion of the limited resources of the planet; the colored chart is darkened to reduce the power consumption of the screens; likewise, no custom fonts will be found; the images, on the other hand, are intentionally degraded—in blacks and whites and half-tones—in order to reduce their weight by half (never mind the format). Then, to develop a site with a minimum number of CSS rules, around sixty, for stylistic requirements and limiting the volume of pages at destination, including small devices such as mobiles but, above all, to tend to display speed scores of the order of 100/100 (Google Page Speed Insight). Finally, to dismantle how much the engine in use, Textpattern CMS, is so flexible that it manages to realize a multilingual site, whatever the number of translations, without the recourse to any additional plugin.